Capture & Analyse Building Data

Building Performance Technology enables the capture and analysis of different building operational data streams across a portfolio to digitise facilities management and improve building energy , comfort and operational performance. A mixture of software and hardware (including smart sensors) are used to provide a comprehensive collection of data to enable the improvement of building efficiency, removal of sick building syndromes and improving sustainability at the same time.


To measure and analyse indoor environmental quality for health, well-being and productivity. By bringing
together scalable, ubiquitous and continuous monitoring of indoor air quality, comfort and human
experience metrics.

- Sensors - deployed for continual monitoring.
- Occupier Engagement - tools to collect feedback and survey data.
- Smart Platform - for centralised dashboard based management, with automated alerts and real time visualisation.
- Data Analytics – and reporting to inform and analyse for building optimisation.


A platform to manage operational energy performance in buildings, enabling energy managers to
benchmark, forecast and control energy usage. The system can be deployed as part of an Energy Monitoring & Targeting strategy to evaluate energy consumption patterns, track predicted versus actual consumption and identify potential energy cost savings.

- Intelligent data analysis and automated reporting
- Weather independent efficiency
- Out of hours wastage


Using high resolution wireless sensors to capture building environmental data, coupled with smart-meter
energy consumption data to optimise building performance, thermal comfort and indoor air quality. By
achieving this optimal balance reduces energy consumption while improving occupant comfort – in turn, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.
This bridges the two solutions of Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Optimisation, and using a
structured commissioning approach provides ongoing building optimisation capabilities.
Direct integration of thermal comfort and IAQ indicators with the building control systems achieves a
previously unobtainable level of performance optimisation.
Real-time commissioning continually monitors the building space for changes in operational parameters
while recommending actions to address performance drift.


Designed for Commercial Real Estate Investors and stakeholders, this module provides a single source for
managing energy performance and MEES compliance across large and diversified property portfolios. All
data is centralised for continuous monitoring and delivers bespoke retrofit strategies to ensure that your
asset values are protected.

The platform provides enhanced understanding of the relationship between building energy models and EPC
rating and score which can equate to capital expenditure savings and investment planning.