From Cyber Essentials to Data Governance

Securing your IT & Network systems should be treated as of critical importance, especially with increasing cyber security threats compromising organisations’ operational wellbeing and the data they retain. By compromising your data security this also has the knock on effect (but nevertheless as serious) on the data you hold on your clients, suppliers, tenants, employees and contractors and making you unknowingly susceptible to GDPR data breaches more likely, which could land your organisation with severe financial penalties.


Using uncompromising protection and performance through the Censornet platform integrating email and web security, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and adaptive MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) activating the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) to take you beyond alert driven security.


Generally speaking, most organisations and businesses will have some form of controls in place to manage information security. These controls are necessary as information is one of the most valuable assets that a business owns. However, the effectiveness of such a policy is determined by how well these controls are organised and monitored. Many organisations introduce security controls haphazardly: some are introduced to provide specific solutions for specific problems, whilst others are often introduced simply as a matter of convention. Such a random security policy will only address certain aspects of IT or data security, and can leave valuable non-IT information assets like paperwork and proprietary knowledge less protected and vulnerable. The ISO/IEC 27001 standard was introduced to address these issues.


Modern buildings, like modern life, rely on technology massively. We have all seen films where buildings are hacked in an effort to retrieve sensitive information, either on a commercial or national security level. Well this is NOT science fiction, the threat is very real.

All IP enabled technologies can be hacked, which means the safety of your building should be a priority for all property managers, landlords and owners. The building management systems, fire alarms, lifts, heating, air conditioning, access control, the sprinkler system and the security system are all areas which can be vulnerable to outside (or even internal) threats.

We can provide complete ‘Cyber Essentials’ certification for your site, a standard introduced by the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre, to protect organisations against cyber threats and attacks. 


Ensure that your building administration and technology processes and systems remains GDPR compliant. GDPR is relevant to building owners, tenants, managing agents as data and information will most certainly be held on tenants, employees, rent payments, energy usage data, building & car park security data, property occupancy data, contracts between property owners, property managers and tenants. Any of these being a potential area a data breach could occur.

We can: - Provide a secure infrastructure, and storage area for your data for all your technology systems, operational and administrative processes compliant with

GDPR - Ongoing assessment, review and audit on your data security 


Provision of digital transformation throughout the organisation enabling the time spent on compliance 

management is reduced.

- Providing easily accessible, secure, and structured data for the purposes of compliance throughout your 


- Providing digitally transformed compliance programs to easily and quickly make changes as needed by 

legislation and regulation. 

- Improving communication media by leveraging technology for compliance teams to communicate 

effectively and react rapidly during the reporting and actioning of non-compliance.