Advising Customers on Real Estate Technology


The World of Work is Changing

We recognise that as an organisation you strive to provide the optimum service to staff and clients alike and with the centralisation of the workforce management solution, you will have readily available management information in order to manage your workforce according to site needs whilst ensuring your staff are deployed effectively ensuring the highest level of productivity and maintaining contract profitability, therefore meeting client and stakeholder goals.


Expert Guidance

A company’s bottom line ultimately depends on the output of its employees. Changes in work styles, demand for better amenities and a more connected experience led to increased complexity in designing the right workplace environment at optimal cost. 

A short-term occupancy study can help you build the right workspace for employees at optimal cost for the business by understanding:

  • Existing space utilisation

  • Hotspots, over or under-utilised space

  • Meeting room usage and size requirements

  • Employee movement and work patterns

Medium to long-term occupancy monitoring helps you constantly optimise the workplace experience and decrease operational costs based on your organisation's evolving space requirements. 


Staff Retention is Critical

Employee wellbeing has a direct impact on productivity and overall business costs. High temperatures, low relative humidity, forced or inadequate ventilation, insufficient fresh air supply, poor lighting and a lack of negatively charged ions contribute to Sick Building Syndrome. Airborne pollutants such as chemicals, dusts, fibres and microbiological contaminants may have a directly toxic, pathogenic or irritant effect on occupants. Providing a healthy environment is difficult without the right monitoring and control systems in place.


Exceptional flexibility and mobile functionality

Whether you’re part of an in-house facilities team or a specialist outsourced FM contractor, you need software to support your aims of reducing business costs, increasing the life of assets and improving the productivity of the maintenance workforce. Added to this is the growing need to provide a better experience to the business you serve.

Our Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software is a powerful solution with unrivalled functionality across both hard and soft FM services. Supporting better decision-making is at the heart of what we do, and our integrated business intelligence functionality is presented through easy-to-understand dashboards and KPI reporting tools.

Whatever your requirements, our software will be able to provide a single, all-encompassing view of the facilities information under your control.