RWFM adapts to the needs of your business using a skilled team of Technology Advisors with over 30 years experience in Facilities Management. RWFM’s multi-faceted consultants and partners are able to instruct across the full range of disruptive technology solutions; providing a full end to end service. We prioritise best facilities management practice and offer a people, process and technology approach.

Our solution is a holistic view of your current environment; collaborating with our partners and consultants to create a technology roadmap informed by a wealth of facilities management experience. Through our transparent approach, we constantly strive to offer innovative facilities management solutions bespoke to the culture of your organisation.


Impartial Advice

Establishing which technology is the most appropriate to implement within your business is based on your requirements and set within the means of your company. As well as newly fitting the latest technical systems, we also offer retrofitting solutions. Should you not want to replace your existing technical systems, we modify or add new technology to older systems to bring them up to date and ensure they are working efficiently.


Save Time, Resource and Reduce Cost

In order to analyse the current environment in which your business works, we do not view each player as separate entities. We consider all applications, infrastructure and employees as interconnected systems.
These systems work in synergy to create an integrated, comprehensive solution for your business’ challenges that achieves your goals. With experience spanned throughout facilities management, we do not innovate in pockets.


Deliver on Time and On Budget

Understanding the lifecycle of your project is crucial. We provide advice in all stages, from initial design with architects to filling the gaps during operation. This ensures maintenance is straight-forward and efficient. We prioritise planning and strategy to ensure your project remains within budget and on schedule. Our trusted partners know their craft inside and out enabling them to work seamlessly with us.

The key to our project management solution is transparency. Being explicitly clear with businesses, partners, consultants and suppliers is essential to successful management of every project. This ensures each component clearly understands their role, position and timeline; enabling each action to run smoothly.