Improving efficiency and customer service with front desk image scanner

Working in customer service requires your full attention and exceptional attention to detail to ensure your customers are satisfied. Especially in hospitality, a lot of time can be wasted scanning documents and waiting for slow technology. As the first impression is the most important, simplifying and speeding up the scanning process is vital.

In partnership with Fujitsu, Dragonfly Managed Technology has announced the launch of the fi-800R. The technology combines passport, ID and document scanning to produce a new image scanner designed for the front desk environment.

The latest model delivers an innovative compact design with a state-of-the-art dual-path mechanism. It enables staff to complete all of their tasks in one place, meaning ID and documents never have to leave the customers’ sight.

Minimise administration time

Featuring an Automatic Document Feeder with Fujitsu’s Active Separation technology, the fi-800R makes input smoother than ever, while Automatic Skew Correction eliminates feed errors. The bundled PaperStream software optimises images for downstream processes, as well as extracting information to enrich customer profiles. Automatic Profile Selection, where staff no longer have to spend time sorting documents by format, and 40ppm/80ipm scan speed means customers can get on with their day in record time.

Maximise desk space

Taking up half the space of alternative solutions, the fi-800R is perfect for the front desk or any other place where space is limited. The innovative U-turn path mechanism with Automatic Stacking Technology ejects papers back up through the scanner, removing the need for a front output tray. Drastically reducing the machine’s footprint means the fi-800R can be used in spaces half the size of an A4 sheet.

Scan all document formats

The fi-800R is also the first scanner of its kind that doesn’t require a carrier sheet to protect passports. The technology incorporates a return path mechanism that can process thicker items such as ID cards and passports, including the Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) alongside A4 documents. In addition to the obvious benefits of saved time and effort, this means documents stay in sight of the customer helping to support GDPR compliance. Improve productivity and efficiency

In the age of heightened expectations, the fi-800R allows staff working in locations like banks, hotels or hospitals, to provide exceptional customer service, effortlessly. Delivering some of the most innovative features yet, this scanner provides customers with the peace of mind that their data is being kept safe. Front desk staff now have the means to provide seamless service, easily and quickly at the customer’s first point of contact.

Dragonfly Managed Technology are one of RWFM’s trusted partners, to learn more about their work click here.

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