Dynamic Usage & Monitoring

The advent of cloud and mobile technologies has revolutionised the modern workplace. Employees have new expectations for mobility, agile and flexible working and employers are recognising the myriad of benefits of flexible work-styles and tech-savvy workplaces.

As the ways of working become more dynamic and changeable, then so does the interaction with other workers,
department heads, contractors and external service providers both remotely and face to face. The ability to get people together, whether for face to face meetings, remote private teleconferences or workshops and presentations is paramount.

The SqFt cost for meeting and conference rooms and facilities can be high if they are not utilised properly. The traditional method of the PA booking a meeting room, and organising all the attendees is quite archaic these days as more and more people are mobile workers, and the communications and time needed to organise this can be unwieldy. With modern tech a fully interactive room booking solution integrated with individual’s calendars makes
the whole booking and organisation process a breeze. All in real-time.


Schedule meeting rooms, resources, attendees and the services you need, quickly and easily. Better manage last minute changes and alert all attendees immediately.


In real-time view / amend the status of your meeting rooms and resources (depending on you access rights).
Dynamic integration with your attendees work and private calendars, whether this be Outlook, Google Calendar etc. Keeping all attendees aware of meetings and changes in one place.
For shared meeting rooms multiple tenants or organisations can gain access to the calendar, but with the appropriate security showing either the details of the room booking (own company / department) or just as ‘available’ or ‘booked’ for others.


Create rules and policies within the system for managing and controlling how your users (both internal and external) can use the system, make and amend bookings. For instance, programming ‘booking allowances’ maximising number or duration of bookings over a defined period for a user or department/group, or how far in advance they can book, duration constraints.


Include allocation of costs to room bookings against budget holder. department, tenant or external user /
company. Within the policies and rules modify pricing based on time of day, duration etc.


Manage room booking from any internet or Wi-Fi enabled device to effortlessly create and amend bookings on the go.


Ensure events and visitors are managed properly, integrating with existing visitor management and access control systems alerting of visitor(s) arrival at your building.


Analytics showing various statistics such as how many people on average use a room of a given capacity
which helps plan the optimum capacities for the future. By understanding the actual optimisation of your meeting rooms ensures an organisation has the right amount of space needed.

Other measurements include:
- Conference rooms right sizing options
- Peak conference room optimisation
- Average meeting duration
- No shows


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