Advising Customers on Real Estate Technology


A Comprehensive Approach

Our cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their visitors and contractors. With more than 30 million visits registered around the world to date, Our VMS solution allows organisations to minimize security and compliance risks while upholding privacy rights.


Cost Saving Install Model

In the digital era, networks need to support more traffic and devices than ever before whilst maintaining great performance, ensuring security and delivering seamless configurations. 

BYOD policies create a mix of personal and business devices that are used at any given time within the workplace. Internet of Things devices proliferate everywhere on premises. Managing and monitoring switches, routers, hubs, servers, firewalls, wireless controllers, load balancers and an ever-increasing number of devices is increasingly complex.


All Under One Roof

For many businesses, rooms and venues are valuable resources which can be booked by employees or sold to customers. With paper schedules and noticeboards rapidly becoming things of the past, timetabling, meeting room booking systems and room booking systems are important for getting the best out of business premises and services, for customers and employees alike.


An Integrated World of IoT

We supply and install high quality access control systems that keep your premises safe and secure and provide easy convenient access to users.
The high grade access systems we use can include audio, video, wireless, biometric scanners, fob access and more. They are produced by top manufacturers with a reputation for excellence.